realization - pt. i

fear controls me

i've acknowledged it

i recognize its power

in my thoughts, decisions & actions

i can't seem to shake it

off my clouded & tired mind

why do i care so much?

i want to care so much.

but there's a point where

i see myself in the mirror 

and don't even recognize that human 

staring fearfully back at me.

who has he become?

my care has turned a blind eye

on my own well being. 


my being

well or not, is all i have

and i truly don't "have" it. 

so why am i not stewarding

my own aching, fearful feelings well?

i get caught

thinking about how i affect others

before i decide to be kind to that

pitiful soul staring back in that dirty reflection

am i just a dirty reflection?

what am i?

a good question, or a terrifying realization?

i have so many questions

they're not all good questions

what matters?

me or others?

me and others?



(written August 2017) 

cape kiwanda, ore

not a lot of words. last month, Alec and Austin Rossborough visited me in Seattle. one of the days we drove a few hours south to Oregon and went to the coast. it was stunning. also, fun fact, I am sitting in starbucks right now because wifi, and it's downpouring but the sun is out, so that's fun. 

enjoy these images...hopefully as much enjoyment as I had when I took them. 

cape flattery, washington

It's been quite a while since I've posted a blog or any updates on my website. The reasons behind this vary widely. This year has been flying by and it's been one of the busiest seasons of my life. I keep thinking about my life in seasons. Seasons change, and I tend to think that with the changing of the seasons, aspects of my life will change too. I lean on the idea that with the change of weather, my life will change too. Instead, of working hard to achieve something, I've grown lazy. End of story. So, with this new month I'm trying to work harder and stop making excuses for myself. You've heard that before ha. 

Anyways, photos:

Last month, some good friends from Columbus, Ohio came to visit me here in Washington. I was able to spend a few days driving around with them. We went to Cape Flattery, which is the most northwest point of the continental United States. Here are a few photos of our day:

a photo review of this year

as the year 2016 (thankfully) draws to an end, I've been thinking back to all the things I saw, did, and accomplished over the past twelve months. I looked through my external drive, lightroom catalogs and social media feeds to review the photos I took and things I shared in 2016. 

as I was looking through the some photos I have, I had the idea to re-edit some that I've shared before and also edit some that I have saved and never shown. 

It was excited to re-visit these photos and be thankful for all that God did in my life and where He moved me and what He did. 

In this blog I have shared some of my favorite images from this year, edited to look like a newspaper (b+w). I hope you enjoy:

letting go (of 2016)

I started the year living in Louisville, Kentucky. Home of bourbon, horse racing (kentucky derby), and baseball memorabilia (slugger museum). I had been living there since May 2015. In March I heard about an internship opportunity in Seattle, Washington at a church called Trinity West Seattle. 

I started planning to move to Seattle for the worship and productions internship in May 2016, one year after moving to Louisville. Summer 2016 was one to remember. Knowing I was to move at the end of the summer, I spent time making memories with friends.

louisville - skyline b+w

at the end of August I began my week long move from Louisville to Seattle. driving across the country is something I would do again in a heartbeat, but driving across the country with everything I own inside my Chevy Impala isn't.

for a full recap of my move, read this link:

here are some of my favorite images from my trip out west:

yellowstone canyon - b+w

the badlands - b+w

the badlands - b+w

columbia river gorge - b+w

multnomah falls - b+w

since living in Seattle, I have fallen in love with this city and it's surroundings. from roaming the streets of downtown, to hiking up to mountain lookouts, i've had the chance to see a glimpse of what makes this area so amazing and what makes the west the best. 

rattlesnake ledge - b+w

space needle from capitol hill - b+w

under the fremont bridge - b+w

under the fremont bridge pt.2 - b+w

hidden lake lookout - b+w

hidden lake lookout - b+w

hidden lake lookout - b+w

diablo lake overlook - b+w

ruby beach - b+w

ruby beach - b+w

wind on ruby beach - b+w

mPOP - b+w

mPOP - b+w

the harbor - b+w

downtown seatte from up on a roof - b+w

In an attempt to keep this short-ish, I've not included allll my favorites. But I hope you enjoyed these and that they gave you a glimpse into what I did this year. 

with 2017 fast approaching, I am excited to continue creating images that mean things to me. I've been considering the reasoning behind why I create and what makes me want to keep creating and I'm excited to keep learning about myself through photographing things I see. 

I'm also excited to continue "the creative process" in the coming year by doing more interviews with people who are pursuing their craft and creating things across the board. I will be announcing some new interviews in the next few weeks. 

Thank you for reading my words and viewing my images. If you have questions, feel free to contact me via my website, or email me at

Also, thank you for making 2016 one to remember. Your continued support doesn't go unnoticed.

Happy New Year!



an evening downtown: street + city photography

I recently have been thinking through who I am as a photographer. As a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, I am surrounded by incredible landscapes and views. I realized shortly after moving here, that I wasn't pushing myself creatively. It is so easy to drive somewhere, take a photo of a beautiful landscape, edit it, and post it knowing that people will receive it well. 

In a place so saturated by photographers, it's easy to be just another photographer photographing popular (yet beautiful) locations and editing them similarly to other photos of the same location. I caught myself drifting towards the commonality and typical images associated with the PNW. 

Not wanting to continue drifting that way, I began again from the beginning. Who am I as a photographer? Not: What do people want to see from me? No. I wanted to be a photographer that creates things that I want to create. Aside from my work as a portrait photographer, I wanted to create images that are my own. Unique. Somewhat different than what I had seen from other photographers in the city. 

Being inspired by the emotion and personality of downtown Seattle and with a goal in mind to capture the things happening there, I took to the streets to try something new. 

Here are a some images: 

Thanks for reading!