an evening downtown: street + city photography

I recently have been thinking through who I am as a photographer. As a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, I am surrounded by incredible landscapes and views. I realized shortly after moving here, that I wasn't pushing myself creatively. It is so easy to drive somewhere, take a photo of a beautiful landscape, edit it, and post it knowing that people will receive it well. 

In a place so saturated by photographers, it's easy to be just another photographer photographing popular (yet beautiful) locations and editing them similarly to other photos of the same location. I caught myself drifting towards the commonality and typical images associated with the PNW. 

Not wanting to continue drifting that way, I began again from the beginning. Who am I as a photographer? Not: What do people want to see from me? No. I wanted to be a photographer that creates things that I want to create. Aside from my work as a portrait photographer, I wanted to create images that are my own. Unique. Somewhat different than what I had seen from other photographers in the city. 

Being inspired by the emotion and personality of downtown Seattle and with a goal in mind to capture the things happening there, I took to the streets to try something new. 

Here are a some images: 

Thanks for reading!