Portfolio - The Importance of Updated Work

Happy Thursday!

It is crazy to think that it is already February 25th. Time truly does disappear right in front of your eyes. Don't blink. 

Since it is February 25, and I haven't updated my photography portfolio yet this year, I wanted to take a moment and share some new work. 

I often forget the importance of new work and sharing it with the world, but when a business is looking for a photographer or creative, their choice typically is a result of reviewing that artist's work. 

My style is changing. I am becoming more comfortable with the style and aesthetic that I am putting forth representing my brand. I want people to see an image and know I was the photographer. I will continue to adapt, learn, grow, and attempt to inspire just as much as I am being inspired. 

So here it is, an updated portfolio of images:

The images have white borders to create space, clean lines, and contrast. Continue scrolling to be sure you see them all.

PorfolioNew - 1.jpg

Thanks for reading and looking through my new work. Excited about this year and the opportunities that are opening up. 

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