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"the creative process" is a project I have been working on recently as a way to build community between creatives, not strictly photographers, but creative people in general...everyone is creative. I want to see artists, songwriters, photographers, musicians, videographers, writers, and creatives in general get to know one another and be generally interested in what each person has to offer. Thanks for reading. 

The following is a written interview with Seth Dunlap. Seth is a filmmaker who's work I have been following for a while. I asked him 12 questions about creativity, work, and his creative process, here are the answers he provided: 

-What does creativity mean to you?

Man, honestly, I'm trying to figure this word out more and more everyday. What I've narrowed it down to for, at least this month, is to // Create something from the mind, find inspiration from other creatives. To sit alone, disconnect from reality, sit still to think of something new. I try to everyday (not always successful at this) disconnect from work, life and relationships to just be alone and think.

-Why do you create and what is the importance of creativity in your life?

Ever since I was young, I loved to create, form, and try new things. You could always find me in my room playing with Legos and K'nex. I've always known that everyone has a gift and is creative in their own way. If I can encourage someone to chase a passion and be creative, I will. 

-What is your camera and lens of choice?

I'm kinda a camera nerd! I actually started on a Canon Rebel t4i and upgraded to a canon 60D, which really isn't an upgrade hahaha!

Once freelance started to get traction, I upgraded to a Canon 6D. A year after that I actually purchased a Sony A7s, hated it, returned it and bought a Canon 5D Mark 3, used that for about 3 months and then decided to try the Sony out again. That was the best decision. About 6 months later the Sony A7s ii came out and I purchased that camera. Favorite. Camera. Ever. That 120 frames a second in full HD is unrealllllll. Lens choice would have to be either my Cine 50mm Xeen lens or a 35mm Sigma art. I also love love love pretty much all L glass and the other Sigma Art lenses

-When in your life did you decide that you had to do something creative? 

I've only ever had one "real" job and that was working at Chick-Fil-A. I worked there for about a year and a half and decided that I could never work a normal job, ever! So I quit, packed up my car and moved to Orlando and shot whatever I could and learned the craft. 

-What jobs have you had over the years in order to make money while you pursued creativity?

I honestly had no other job, I told myself. "Seth, you get one year to give this your complete all, if you're not good, do something else." I know a lot of friends that are so amazing at what they do, but they won't fully commit, you need to commit and fail over and over until you find success in something. 

-Who are 3-5 people/creatives/artists in your line of work that you look up to, or are inspired by? 

I try to keep the people that influence between 3-6 max., but a short list of who I look up to and who inspires me would be to be, God 100% first-off. I know that he's provided me with awesome opportunity after awesome opportunity. My mom, my brother Jeremiah, Ryan Booth, Jared Hogan, Wes Anderson, Salomon. I really want to develop my own style, so I don't really have a ton of people that influence my style. 

If you could go one place in the world for a week, all expenses paid, where would you go?

This is an interesting question, because my dream place for a while was Iceland, but I have a few gigs coming up there. I actually went to the Kennedy Space Center recently and it put this fire passion in my heart to go to Space! So now I desperately want to go to Space. 

-Where is your favorite place in the world that you have been to?

Thus far, I've loved Colorado and the Redwoods! But I'm sure Iceland will take the gold. ( )

-Describe the aesthetic and style of your work: 

My style is always changing and refining. I always want to challenge myself to not just go with the flow of things, I want to try new things, push myself and try to break the norm. I love the style of Ryan Booth's filmmaking. Very creative, natural - handheld vibe. But I also love the style of having a very stable shot at times, it's truly whatever the project calls for.

-What’s your go-to coffee order?

I'm the furthest from a coffee snob. I love any kind. It's whatever will wake me up. 

-Where can people find your work?

I have a few links, but my most recent work is:


instagram: @sethdonalddunlap

-How can you encourage someone just starting out? 

I would say to just shoot as much as you can and put yourself out there. Connect with people. Don't be a person that's not connecting with people you're trying to connect with. Be very good about caring for people and always be humble in life and conversation. The biggest thing that has helped me in filmmaking, is to set goals and continue to push your limits. 


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