the creative process: Sam Landreth

In my opinion, one of the hardest parts about these "interviews" is the introductions. So far, every post (except with Griffin Lamb) has been about someone I have never met in person, so the introductions are somewhat difficult to write due to me just starting to get to know these amazing people myself. 

I first followed Sam Landreth when I saw a photo of her posted by Andrew Kearns a while back. I checked out her account and honestly loved it. Sam and I have a few mutual friends in the Ohio area (s/o to Alex Tan @jalexandertan) and have interacted in the social media realm a tiny bit. Fun story about one of our Twitter interactions: I thought that S. Carey was opening for Bon Iver and got pretty excited because they are both some of my favorite musicians. S. Carey's solo work is pretty fab. She then called me out on twitter and told me that in fact, S. Carey was not opening for Bon Iver, but part of his live band. Real friends correct each other on Twitter. It's chill.

 I asked her if she would be interested in answering a few questions for this portion of my blog and she graciously agreed. I get really excited whenever people respond positively to my questions. I love sharing these stories and starting conversations. 

Hope y'all enjoy, here it is:

What does creativity mean to you?

 -- Creativity to me is making something in a new & different way than it has been done before. Nearly every concept on earth has already been done & I want my take on things to constantly be refreshing & unique.

photo by Sam Landreth

photo by Sam Landreth

When in your life did you decide that you had to do something creative?

-- When I was in 6th grade, we had to do a project on an artist that inspired us. To be honest, I just googled "Oregon photographers" --because a photographer was the first kind of artist that popped into my head-- & found one that completely captivated me. From then on, I started mimicking his style of photos (i.e. macro shots of flowers, landscapes of mountain ranges, etc.) with my Kodak point & shoot. After that, there was no going back & I'd fallen in love with photography!

What jobs have you had over the years in order to make money while you pursued creativity?

-- Well, I'm 19 & just moved back out to Oregon 6 months ago & have only been freelancing full time for those 6 months. I pretty much just leapt right into it with my savings account & never looked back.

photo of Sam, taken by Andrew Kearns @andrewtkearns

photo of Sam, taken by Andrew Kearns @andrewtkearns

Who are 3-5 people/creatives/artists in your line of work that you look up to, or are inspired by:

-- My favorite photographers are Logan Cole, Tyson French, Tessa Barton, Jordan Voth, Dylan Howell & Phil Chester. The way they all uniquely capture love stories is endlessly beautiful to me!

If you could go one place in the world for a week, all expenses paid, where would you go?

-- Hands down: Santorini, Greece! Enough said.

Describe your aesthetic/style (when it comes to creating/photography): 

-- People tell me that my photos looks like film -- which I think is the look I go for. I like photos to really encompass real moments. Usually the blurry, grainy photos from my shoots are my favorites.

photo by Sam Landreth

photo by Sam Landreth

What’s your go-to coffee order?

-- Usually a spicy chai or a cappuccino. Or if the coffee shop carries ginger beer -- which basically every Portland coffee shop does -- I get that.

Where can people find your work?

Instagram: @samlandreth + @samlandrethphoto


photo by Sam Landreth

photo by Sam Landreth

How can you encourage someone just starting out?

-- Shoot every day. Gather inspiration & let it challenge the photos you take. Have another creative outlet; wether that's writing or painting or anything else. All of your creativity complements each other!

photo by Sam Landreth

photo by Sam Landreth



Super thankful that Sam would take the time to answer my questions and engage readers. If you enjoyed this interview, please be sure to go follow Sam and thank her for her time. 

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