the creative process: Griffin Lamb

I have been on Instagram for just over two years. When I first started my account, I only followed a handful of people. I hadn't started pursuing photography yet, but was drawn to the images I saw of mountains, waterfalls, and coasts that make up what most people refer to as the PNW (pacific northwest). 

There was something magical about those images, and I was instantly inspired by the photographers who took them. One of the first photographers I followed, was Griffin Lamb, a freelance photographer from Seattle, Washington. 

If you don't already follow Griffin, then I suggest you put reading this on hold, open your Instagram app, and follow @griffinlamb right now. Ok, now that you've done that, keep reading. 

A few months back (at the end of March), I was in Nashville visiting some friends of mine for a few days and saw on Facebook that Griffin was also in Nashville. I reached out to him and asked him if he would meet for coffee. He agreed and we met up at Barista Parlor (random details). 

One of the reasons I met with Griffin in Nashville is that I didn't know when, if ever, I would make it out to Seattle. But fast forward four months from then (to present day), and I am currently planning a move out to Seattle at the end of August. Kinda crazy. 

So anyways, I reached out to Griffin again and asked him if he would answer some questions for my blog and he graciously agreed. So, here are a few questions and answers with Griffin Lamb. I hope y'all enjoy and thank you for reading!

image by Griffin Lamb

image by Griffin Lamb

What does creativity mean to you?

- Taking seriously for a moment the notion that we are created in the image of God, creativity becomes an internal process - insofar as we are created by God creatively, and in such creation, created with the potential to partner with God in the act of "creating". When I take photographs, I am attempting to bring to life what I see - not exclusively in a physical sense, but in an emotional and spiritual sense as well. When I enter a landscape, how do I feel? That question carries as much importance in how I go about composing an image as the landscape itself. Thus, creativity for me means attempting to voice what I am seeing and how I feel about such a sight all at once. 

When in your life did you decide that you had to do something creative?

- My first year at college was one of the most difficult seasons in my life thus far. Between feeling alienated at the school that I was attending due in large part to my faith and grieving over the decline and eventual death of my grandfather, I had so much emotion built up inside of me demanding release. Photography became the outlet for that release to happen - transforming a hobby that did not carry much value in my life at the time into something that brought about personal healing the more I allowed photography to speak about the difficult things that I was dealing with at the time. 

What jobs have you had over the years in order to make money while you pursued creativity?

- I have tutored students, worked the front desk at a golf course, and continue to hit the books - entering into my last year of undergraduate at Seattle Pacific University, where I study Theology. Aside from being a student however, I am at a place in my career as a photographer in which I do not need another job to support myself. It is safe to say that pursuing freelance photography full time has been difficult, but even with the challenges, I have enjoyed it thoroughly. 

images by Griffin Lamb

images by Griffin Lamb

Who are 3-5 people/creatives/artists in your line of work that you look up to, or are inspired by:

- Some people that have inspired me over the years in my line of work include: Alex Strohl, Finn Beales, Joe Greer and Greg Balkin. 

If you could go one place in the world for a week, all expenses paid, where would you go?

- Right now, I would say Israel/Palestine.

Describe your aesthetic/style: 

- As a photographer that focuses primarily on nature and landscapes, my main goal is to create compositions that emphasize the expansiveness of Creation in relation to the "smallness" of humanity. Such images, for me anyway, always draw me into a posture of humility, recognizing my place in the natural order of things while also affirming just how beautiful and worthy of care the world around us is. 

image by Griffin Lamb

image by Griffin Lamb

What’s your go-to coffee order?

- On most days, a cortado. Occasionally I'll go with a pour-over.

Where can people find your work?

Instagram: @griffinlamb




image by Griffin Lamb

image by Griffin Lamb

How can you encourage someone just starting out?

- My advice to someone just starting out with photography is this: enjoy the process. Take photos as much as you can, ask a lot of questions to those who have more experience than you, listen to their answers, tinker with different editing styles, discern what your purpose as a photographer is, and remember that your voice as a photographer is so much more important than gaining followers and increasing your average amount of likes. 


Ok y'all! That's about it! Seriously, so thankful for Griffin taking the time to answer these questions and invest in others. I'm excited about being in the same city as him.  

Please take a minute to thank Griffin. 

Also, if you know someone who would be interested in answering some questions for "the creative process", please send me an email!

I've got a few really exciting interviews coming up! I will try to stay on top of this throughout the next two months as I move at the end of August. Y'all are the best!