wednesday evening words

there are so many moments in my life where I am working on one thing or another and an insanely overwhelming feeling to create something (art in any form; drawing, music, photography, writing) rushes over me.


this usually comes after hearing or seeing something inspiring. so many times I have told myself "this is the goal" and then tried to just leap ahead to the goal without taking it one step at a time. this causes me to be really insecure about my art and doubt my abilities, because I am comparing them to what I see as "ideal". I see where I want to be, and recognize that I am not there yet, and tell myself I'm not good enough because I am not "there" yet. I put myself in a box. over the past month, I have found myself alone a lot, causing a lot of thinking, self-reflection (whatever that is), and internal dialogue (fancy way of saying I talk to myself?...maybe) In that time, I have really started to challenge myself to take it slow, enjoy the process, and not put myself in a box of "here's where you need to be to be successful in comparison to so-and-so".


comparison isn't healthy. It's lead to me second guessing myself and the things I create. It's changed the way I create, and the reasons I create them. as an artist, I want to be inspired by people, things, places, emotions, music, and art I see and hear and experience everyday.


getting back to that. the process. I want to be someone who creates and inspires and shares that process with people. It's great to have goals, but to assume that progress happens overnight just by setting a goal and seeing a desired "end" result, is just setting yourself up for self proclaimed failure.


take it slow. I am learning this. ask anyone, I have zero patience. guys, I have no idea why I wrote this, but I just had so much on my mind that I was telling myself, that I had to write it all down and share it with someone...anyone.


thanks for reading.