portraits - discovery park; seattle, wa

so as many of you know, I recently moved to seattle, washington. as someone who grew up in the midwest, this was quite a change of scenery. the pacific northwest is a gem, y'all! it really is. 

moving to a new city has it's challenges. a whole new group of people to get to know. new community. new coffeeshops (seattle has a few). new skyline (ours isn't just buildings...there's this giant mountain {Mt. Rainier} that you can see from like...almost everywhere...when it's not too cloudy). there's a lot of new going on in my life right now that it almost doesn't feel like my life tbh.

one of the things that felt different, was the fact that I hadn't had an opportunity to photograph another human being in over three weeks. as a portrait photographer by trade, I needed to photograph someone and begin creating my portfolio of images here in the northwest. all of my photos from my move (#iamgoingwest) were landscape images due to the fact that I traveled solo across the country. (those images can be seen on Instagram; @iambencalhoun, or by clicking the button below that says travel:

the other night I had the opportunity to work with my new friend Scout: @sophie_scout

here are some images: 

if you read this far, I thank you. there will be so many adventures to come here in the great state of Washington and beyond. I am so thankful to be here in the PNW, living life, doing things, and meeting people. thanks for following along. cheers!