twisted up inside my broken mind

Pieces available for sale. Email for inquiries.

moving forward   30"x40" acrylic on canvas


I find myself constantly drawn to balance in all elements of life.

As a Libra, it's important for me to be well balanced when I paint. Shapes and textures carry certain weight visually. I love the push and pull that it takes to create something that looks and feels whole, centered, and balanced (I could nerd out on Astrology for days) 

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I see things everyday that inspire my art. 

Most of my inspiration comes from sound, energy, and raw emotions that I experience or watch other experience. 

When I display my art, I want the viewer to feel something that they can relate to. I want to start honest conversations and foster a culture of openness and reliability by laying my heart out on a table for people to see and to feel seen.